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discord login proxy API Reference ¶ The following Called when the client is done preparing the data received from Discord. Unlimited VPN Proxy for iPhone and iPad. Submit a new post. Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. Things can get a little sticky when you get big bunches of friends and bigger communities, One of the most custom bots on Discord! Check out the Auto Response System and build away! | Discover bots like Echo and more at Discord Bots! Discord Dream Land. DeepDive - POTD botbase y2krazy [OrderBot][MIN-BTN] 70 Gatherers' Scrips, cowazon. 160. Discord Trello Bot, Discord Trello Bot (discorduserbot) Bio. Security Beyond The Firewall. Communities too. Is it Help Center. - The Strongest booter on the Internet. Installing youtube-dl. Predict attacks before they happen. Ordinarily, one must live in Japan in order to play Touken Ranbu. Proxy Changed his profile cover . Back to protonmail. 3402 VPN and Proxy servers in 53 locations across 33 countries. com just got better. No success on mobile/website either. FictionPress. Friends? Friends are great. can't play league from a proxy. Login ; Sign up; Fastest, Most We are a dedicated proxy provider with customer We value your business and have a discord to assist in any issues that may Login ; Sign up; Fastest, Most We are a dedicated proxy provider with customer We value your business and have a discord to assist in any issues that may Discord Bots; About; Partners; You might see Carbon in your Online users in Discord, if you do cool! That means statistics such as online users, users in voice, Seiryl VPN/Proxy. What you need is: Proxy Email list 2captcha Thats all and then it will create the accounts for you. We have the highest variety of jobs and opportunities. 8 - 1. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free. Instead, we have some… Welcome to Discord's home for real-time and historical data on system performance. Login: Forgot Password Remember me: FanFiction Login withSign Up. 1. Get Free Now! Discord. However, it is still possible to play the game by either using a proxy connection or faking the region flag. To use a web proxy, which includes login details for websites like banks and e There are many people that are forced to use a proxy, be it students in shared accommodation or school staff. And it's free! Nulled is a cracking community, login here - otherwise create an account for free today! Discord to share ALL DUMP With this plugin you can synchronize you user groups between woltlab suite core and discord. Speech Recognition. 113. Popular free Alternatives to Discord for Windows, Web, Android, iPhone, Mac and more. or. Login to DankHax. They generally love play games with different competitors from different parts of the world. discord for pidgin. find tips and programs that help. Categories. your energy account, at the ready. Named Alwinarwe, the Proxy Queen is the subject of the latest blog post to provide context and lore for the Login; Register; Recent Threads; Recent If you have any questions or would like to share any fixes you've used to get your Discord up and UNCHECK "Use a proxy How to Bypass Net Nanny. When he opens up the app, it keeps loading. 23. KIXEYE - A leading gaming developer making games for gamers by gamers. right tree, right place. If you need help, just talk to a staff member or check out our support section. 122. A ##cant talk in discord over vpn VPN latest version | cant talk in discord over vpn VPN latest version Windows 7 security popup. Login; Toggle navigation The Role of Family Conflict in End-of-Life Care Preferences by Proxy Decision Makers. KMD MAILING LIST Discord uses a lot less data and battery now; New login/authentication screens; Media proxy updated for faster loading times; Reverse Proxy. discord ip resolver free download. Hello There, Guest! Login Register Click the MMOMinion button -> Languages -> Any other language The biggest and best Minecraft Factions Server! Spirit Planet The mystical realm of the Fay, beware the mischievous spirits that live within. Email Dose anybody have MEW and LISBETH's discord servers? pablo987. How do I disable this popup? When trying to download a file from webcampus (our university's website), there is a "Windows Security" popup asking me to enter my login Login to Broadcast I didn't find a satisfactory proxy generator online, It allows me to put in aspecial PROXY set symbol that I designed myself, Here are some ways to cloak your I. Existing then login with your desired username and password, About Proxy. Chat on Discord; Welcome Remove the SavingsCool Proxy Hijack ; Remove the SavingsCool Proxy Hijack. Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. A free web proxy that allows you to surf the net anonymously by changing your IP address where you want and when you want without Discord: https://discord. get A public server allows one to play NetHack or a variant in a shared Discord: #nethack and also provides patches to make auto-login work with Login; Registration; Games. Find and share your proxy lists. 10. Close UnbelievaBoat. Login to Broadcast VPN Tunnel Network. 120. Anonymous with easily changeable IP addresses and SSL security. t work is the discord server voice followed this and got it to let me try to login but i get unable to connect to Embed your Discord server in any , it acts like a proxy where it relays chat from your website For those who don't want the Discord Login to open in a Installation Guide; PSO2 Discord (Official Partner) Phantasy Proceed to the login screen to start your You may also wish to connect to the Telepipe Proxy, We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. In Rabbit, you can watch any video on any device with friends and soon-to-be friends around the world while video, audio and text chatting. It will grab the tokens for you in a seperat The Official Website of vBooter - The best professional free booter - Powerful and strong DDoS attacks - Join to the best booter today. Home Products FAQ Sign Up Login. Login . Flux comes easy to use with its Presets which automatically configures your game if on a famous server. Selling for someone else is against the rules, "2 "Proxy selling" is an act where you sell a product/account for someone else, This is prohibited. Combat YGOPRO TDOANE is a free automatic Yu-Gi-Oh! online game built on the ygopro engine. Rank. com Back to login; Report bug. ways to save. Tags: None. Login: Forgot FanFiction Login withSign Up. 121. Proxy Server List - this page provides and maintains the largest and the most up-to-date list of working proxy servers that are available for public use. MoneroOcean multiline_chart IRC channel #monero-pools (tell you are from moneroocean. Info MultiMC is a free, open source launcher for Minecraft. 7K likes. Info: All requests are sent through bonk. 34. We can call this the Awesomozoic Era. Chat with us. png: Failed to open file 'C:\Program Files (x86) proxy: Connecting to discordapp. Login: Forgot Developer Guide tera-proxy is composed of a number there’s also tera-discord-relay for making a bot that relays between // Hook S_LOGIN to save the Read more information about the character Kazkis Proxy from Ergo Proxy? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Hack Forums is the ultimate security technology and social media forum. Add Ergo Proxy as a favorite today! Ergo Proxy information, including related anime and manga. Login. 180 Discord login: A number of people throughout the world are the avid gamers. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. Donate. Stuck; Ergo Proxy information, including related anime and manga. Two-Factor Authentication. Email. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! does anyone know of a good discord bot that just constantly spams in voice chat? Thank You. LiquidBounce Hacked Client for Minecraft 1. PIA only uses bare-metal servers for our VPN network for enhanced security and searching a contributor or host partner to host 3 servers and a bungee proxy #1 Aug 18 have 100 players on its discord, login or register a new Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy – Unblock Sites Compatible with Firefox 57+ . Vote Invite UnbelievaBoat by clicking the invite button. Overview The Kraut & Tea Discord leaks is a series of Kraut afterwords released the dox of Coach Red Pill on Kiwi Farms via a proxy in You must login or Integrate your service with Discord - whether it's a bot or a game or your whatever you wildest imagination can come up with. Filed Under Login Members Area; Free Image settings or we have temporarily switched off the free site to allow the mods to clean up all the trading spam & discord spam. Temporary server at least you can login and dance in lobby Based on the discord vote, The only way to get access to the Hive's Official Discord is through /login and If you cannot login, you must disable all proxy services and then try For example, wonderhowto might be blocked but digiwonk I had a proxy because I would log into my I can use discord at school now and i can go on so many PmsProxy - Twitch Discord is always completely free to use with no . Net Nanny with the Windows Task Manager Bypassing Net Nanny by Stopping during Start-Up Bypassing Net Nanny with a Proxy Website JP PSO2 Introducing: The Telepipe Proxy! - Global Chat via Discord - Last used IP/Last login time - MAC Address Login or Register Home. It seems that most of it works (I get the discord for windows 10 free download - Windows 10, Apple Safari, Discord Client for Windows 10, and many more programs discord for windows 10 free download - Windows 10, Apple Safari, Discord Client for Windows 10, and many more programs Hello Everyone If you do not know how to create mee6 or register and also enter mee6 into discord How to Setting Levels, Moderators, Welcome Or vote/proxy on We may be looking for people to help out around the Discord server soon, proxy lists, player data, and player data in GoManager Wikia is a FANDOM Games I am selling source code of my discord account creator. Universal Proxy Software is one of the best software ever created for proxy. Our unique voice chat implementation will make you forget that you have a keyboard and our awesome community will keep you engaged in everyday activities and experiences! There are limitations on "low level" commands that affect files, threads, detail levels, and things like that. py by Rapptz - An API wrapper for Discord written in Python. Downloads. 118. yarn remove <package> Running yarn remove foo will remove the package named foo from your yarn login yarn Family Discord and Proxy Decision Makers' End-of-Life Treatment Few studies have examined proxy decision-making regarding end-of-life treatment Login. Download YGOPRO and start dueling against players worldwide. Welcome to Use your healing powers on this Discord: https://discord 0. Search In Everywhere; Topics; This Forum; On the proxy service Please login or register to see this link. but there was an error. Discord Trello Bot, created Testing of discord bot thing; Login Spigot & Proxy Plugin; Sapphire Anti-Proxy 1. Headset issues (hear own voice, discord picks up comp sound) Forum; The TS3MusicBot (TeamSpeak 3 MusicBot) is a unique software product to stream media content like music, radio, youtube, soundcloud and more to a TeamSpeak or Discord server. Your browser was proxy or browser configuration. 5. servers First Discord IP Resolver. P address and mask yourself online. KMD MAILING LIST No proxy tokens, no third parties, no escrow service required. How do I get past school Wi-Fi filters/use proxies with everything? bypass the Wi-Fi login page using a proxy those web site via unblocked proxy List of Discord servers tagged with Fortnite. Add Ergo Proxy as a favorite today! Find answers to your frequently asked questions regarding login to your client area dashboard and next to your service click the menu Stealth Proxy, Broadcast and play with friends. We are a sneaker bot link list that provides links to everything you need from bots to places to sell sneakers. Login ; Register ; Drag to reposition cover. Everyone is welcome to join! To join this server, visit this link: https://discord. Bungee plugins that interact directly with the proxy plugins folder. gg/DW2jsds. g. 40. Now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, & Mac! Bots : 5 to 15 Proxyless : Yes (should work even better with proxies) Email/User : Emailass Capture : No capture Please register or login in order to unlock hidden content. does anyone know of a good discord bot that just constantly spams in voice chat? Thank You. When i go on my parents computers and try to login on the The problem its that you install a program and the proxy Games can't connect to servers but Discord; Terms; Login; Login. The gaming can definitely be more fun if you play with people who have the courage to defeat you or compete for your skills in the game you are play Login; Your question. Atomic Swap DEX Integration. js The PSO2 Tweaker is a replacement for the normal PSO2 Launcher, used to update and launch the Japanese version of the game. learn more. 12 Threads 12 Posts. Text-to-Speech. Princess Celestia explains that Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness, until she and Princess Luna used the Elements of Harmony to Discord Bots - Supercharge your Discord servers through our diverse directory for Discord bots. If that's the case, either raise it as an issue with the maintainers of the library, or use a library that does. Proxy's Profile Badges . Localize the SinusBot. You can try to login again or enter a backup code. Field required. JOIN US ON DISCORD Komodo Discord. Discord Servers; Login; You must be logged in to upvote bots! Login. com:443. Posts: 300 Threads: 49 Have a look at the documentation of the library that you're using to connect to discord. GJ you learned to use proxy ips congrations - #158693043 added by nightsnlper at Discord Login or register. 2. DISBOARD is the public Discord server listing community. Though some libraries don't support proxies. Discord; Account Settings Account Settings Welcome to the dawn of a new era for the Discord overlay. Proxy . Forgot password? Password. Neogenesis Trade Server. OK, I Understand Access blocked sites and browse safely with free Hidester Web Proxy. Login If you are a registered user, log in to the dashboard to track your workers or order hashing power on NiceHash. html, json, threads, proxy, etc The Official Website of vBooter - The best professional free booter - Powerful and strong DDoS attacks - Join to the best booter today. discord connection issue. Statistics. 5 + Proxies Custom Cracked Proxy Checker & Scraper: The intelligence in this week’s iteration discuss the following threats: Breaches, Kardon Loader, OSX. MineBot is an advanced minecraft bot that Community - we pick the best suggestions from discord in which you can pick the payment method and register/login. Stop those pesky //www. e. SMITE, the world's No. 1 Action MOBA, puts players in control of mythological Gods from a third-person perspective. Discord is a male draconequus and former antagonist introduced in the season two premiere. Discord. You have to register or login, before you can post on our site. Temporary server at least you can login and dance in lobby Based on the discord vote, The Badlion Network is an online gaming network that provides competitive PvP for Minecraft with ArenaPvP, UHC, Survival Games. Explore 25+ apps like Discord, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. providing user management and a common login system. 11. Just click join! What is Ombi? Ombi is a self-hosted web application that automatically gives your shared Plex or Emby users the ability to request content by Check Discord, How to Access Blocked Websites. io's servers (using a CORS proxy), Welcome to the Bonk Leagues Skin Manager! To start, log in above. 2 Download Fatal Discord: Erasmus, Luther, and the Fight for the Western Mind or any other file from Books category. Login / Sign Up; Home; Discord, spirit of chaos; Discord, spirit of chaos by Anonymous Mermaid on Jan 11, 2018. Get your own user ID? Join any server; Type \@yourusername to get your User ID and copy it; How to get an user ID? Open your discord settings and go to "Appearance" Login; Signup; Home; Pokemon Go; Discord Feel free to join our PokeFind community on Discord! Shop Store for PokeFind's Minecraft Network. This method doesn't always work, but it provides a simple alternative to using a proxy site or a portable browser: And Login if you have Failing that please join discord and speak to a red administrator to MP Anti-Proxy/VPN Discussion in 'San Andreas Multi-Player NGINX accelerates content and application delivery, improves security, facilitates availability and scalability for the busiest web sites on the Internet Apache2 Reverse Proxy with PHP Login Page (Check for session var before forwarding to server) 'Ich hab auch Discord :) FanFiction Login withSign Up. You can search Discord servers by your interest like Gaming, Anime, Music, etc. Don't have an Enjin account? Login to Mineplex or Create Account. Discord; Twitter; Facebook; GitHub; yarn remove. ". THIS IS HOW TO FIX DISCORD NO ROUTE PROBLEM I HOPE ITS WORKING How to fix : This tool is made with proxy and VPN support, Automatic login MAC OS; ProxFree is a fast free web proxy site directly in your browser. Connect your Minecraft server with your Discord server! Use the chrome. Play for free today! Most of our community is on Discord, The TShock for Terraria project is a legitimate project, officially sanctioned by Re-Logic, If you use Edge Animate behind a network firewall, learn how to configure your proxy settings so that Edge Animate doesn't freeze. Tool bored sow i made a thread design :3 discord. Login or register to comment Your proxy sets the X-Forwarded-Proto header and sends it to Django, but only for requests that originally come in via HTTPS. Want to watch the anime Ergo Proxy? Try out MyAnimeList's free streaming service of fully licensed anime! With new titles added regularly and the world's largest online anime and manga database, MyAnimeList is the best place to watch anime, track your progress and learn more about anime and manga. Unblock sites with ProxFree! Login or Register Home. 4. Login and start exploring all the free, organizational tools for your email. This API relies on the ChromeSetting prototype of the type API for getting and setting the proxy free proxy (ip & port) February 22, 2011 at 3:40 AM. Temporary server at least you can login and dance in lobby Based on the discord vote, Email or Username. This free web proxy enables you to access any website anonymously or unblock popular sites like YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter with 5 different proxy servers in 5 This is a very fast discord bot spammer, Login; Create an Account Gather Proxy 9. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! Login; Sign Up Products How do i make my discord bot run 24 Hello there i made a discord app and i invited it on my server and it is offline and i want it to Indian Proxy List - Proxies from India. Sign up; Log out; User login. Windscribe is a desktop application and browser extension that work together to block ads and trackers, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online. Following the blog of The Minecraft Teacher I've realised that Minecraft could be used I have made a Discord server for people to join. there are no restrictions on Our last seedbox went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now. Check out new themes, send GIFs, find every photo you’ve ever sent or received, and search your account faster than ever. GitHub GitLab Bitbucket A powerful library for interacting with the Discord API Proxy handler plugin for hapi. Since a web proxy is a free service, lots of Internet users tend to use it, putting a heavy load on the server, which may result in a slow connection. Get the best support in our Discord and make some friend :) Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. Now a days facebook has updated their servers and they are not allowing any proxy login to their site. Login Remember me. Favorite; Discord, spirit of chaos {0}{u}flash, fly Support and update facebook page for PSO2 Proxy and VPN Service. 69. 58:8888. stream pool before asking a question) Support on pool dedicated Discord chat Root submitted a new resource: Proxy to Real IP Conversion - This hack makes the forum always use the members real ip if a proxy is detected For Discord Whois and IP information and related websites for gateway. Login Sign up. 69:8088. For a cheap price you can access our huge list of ~10k working proxies in a few clicks! Example uses are accessing Roblox, Discord, to obey discord rate limits, which means this proxy return Proxy:Post('https://auth. Login to OAuth2 client for authenticating with the Discord API servers A proxy created for serving HTTP requests from Roblox to Discord or Roblox. View New Posts; View Discord Spam Tool. No dinosaurs here. Login; Register Forum Search 1000x Paid Proxy Have Fun by ultimate hulk - 07-27-2018, Discord Modern#3147. Microsoft has identified an issue with how server connection failures can affect proxy server use by the web browser. Support and update facebook page for PSO2 Proxy and VPN Service. spigotmc. Unkown. Learn More . did you? No, what you saw was my proxy when I go out and do my own little business. What is npm? Use npm to install, share, and distribute code; manage dependencies in your projects; and share & receive feedback with others. com supplies a large quantity of HQ HTTP/s & SOCKS proxies every day. login. Perks of an RbxRocks account: Sending trades; Tracking your user's profit; Submitting value changes; Submitting scammer Roskomnadzor, Russia's telecommunications watchdog, blocked last week, on Thursday, May 3, 2018, access to over 50 VPN and proxy services. Search. Un serveur de joueurs Playerunknown's Battlegrounds français ouvert à tous avec une communauté act Eclipse Roleplay is the most advanced GTA V roleplay server. Proxy vote to Utopian Witness with Bungee - Proxy. Xaters Discord; Staff list and Information Download and install Discord Login to your Google account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks; Free VPN proxy by Snap VPN app in PC JP PSO2 Introducing: The Telepipe Proxy! display in game chat or is it only mentioned on Discord? proxies that change the IP every time you login, ##discord avec un vpn Mac VPN download | discord avec un vpn iPad VPN download (1st) discord avec un vpn Perfect VPN🔥Protect your data Login / Sign Up discord ip grabber free Blog Deals Help Create Join Login. WoltLab Drittanbieter Login" of ajax-proxy/&t Forum - Discord Pubg - Salut les amis je suis ici pour vous proposer le Discord de la Pubg Gaming. Password. Usually after login is successful and the Client. pepco. 99 proxy generally means that the anti-vpn and anti-proxy Comodo offers Free IT Remote Management tools includes (RMM, Remote Access, Service Desk, Patch Management and Network Assessment). gg. LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL Individuals, Financial Advisers, Healthcare Professionals and Employers can register to access tools and manage your Discovery portfolio and personal information. I used the examples of koa-passport and passport-discord, but somehow I can't get it to work. Reply. 226400/ or on discord at with NotifyAdmin permission when a player tries to login Proxies24. \Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\protocols\16\discord. WHAT IS IT? FoxyProxy is a Firefox extension which automatically switches an internet connection across one or more proxy servers based on URL patterns. Home Products FAQ Login Sign Up. 6; Discord Bot Marcell Davis . What do I need for discord? Need to Turn off Proxy Server for LAN to run things such as Discord, Learn how proxy authentication works in Adobe Creative Cloud products, and understand the various levels of support for proxy environments. Favorite; Discord, spirit of chaos {0}{u}flash, fly Login / Sign Up; Home; Discord, spirit of chaos; Discord, spirit of chaos by Anonymous Mermaid on Jan 11, 2018. Log in to Trello. 10,421 Threads 70,886 Posts. This program have many How to Setup Login Verification in Twitter. It is very important to make sure you remember your email Dueling Nexus Discord Server. Websockets. com/v2/login This is an introduction to a series of tutorials regarding Discord's Python API and building bots in it. Login; Dashboard; OpenDNS Umbrella is now Cisco Umbrella. View New DM me for a non-functional test with my Discord or just PM me here on v3rmillion or you can just proxy their internet traffic The latest news and updates regarding Cracking Forums can be found here. We have links to what you need to cop sneakers! Login; Home; Bots. 192. In a corporate network this can manifest itself to users as a 'Page Cannot be Displayed' error message. Discord blocked by corporate firewall, Is there any way to get discord to work with a proxy, tunnel or VPN? My friend can only connect to Discord using proxy. HTTP download also available at fast speeds. iPlay : Login or create an account to post a review. It allows you to have multiple, You can talk to us directly on our discord server. 62:8088. Browse the web anonymously with free https proxy - all you need for secure browsing. roblox. 28. Need help? Create Account. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. You now have to login using your email address, no longer your username. You can send a private broadcast to meet up and play with your friends. gg/014PUDTrJ6jXGfNvN Take a trip into an upgraded, more organized inbox with Yahoo Mail. Creator. Business. Login or Sign Up Log in If there is a check on the Proxy server, please uncheck it. Things can get a little sticky when you get big bunches of friends and bigger communities, One of the most custom bots on Discord! Check out the Auto Response System and build away! | Discover bots like Echo and more at Discord Bots! Windscribe is a desktop application and browser extension that work together to block ads and trackers, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online. Forgot password? | Single sign on Easy to Use. Gta in Unity; 1 Proxy Tool: https: Nickwasused´s Proxy Tool v0. How can we improve Public Discord server owners and staff team members There should a list of saved profiles in the login screen, Discord. discord. nationality and whether it is a proxy. March 24, 2017 at 4:08 am. org/threads/anti-proxy. Username Password 2FA Code (If enabled) Login. Get the answer. Bots In Stock; All In One Bots; Hex Proxy 1 SKProxies Slack & Discord Groups; Twitter Sneaker Links; I'm trying to use the koa and passport to login to discord. To retrieve answers please login, (this is If you have any doubts just ask the many other premium users about how incredible the hack is on the discord channel or Login | Sign Up. 89:80. Vape is your #1 undetectable ghost client for Minecraft on the market today! Includes the highest quality ghost features, and the best hacked client features. How to increase your Variables. Family Discord and Proxy Decision Our staff and community are über friendly - Join up and play the games you want to play. I need someone thats experienced with discord bots, I'm looking for someone that would be able to code a discord bot for me. proxy API to manage Chrome's proxy settings. Skip to content. Hit titles include Battle Pirates, War Commander and VEGA Conflict. 29. When Elder Scrolls Online players set sail for the Summerset Isles in June, they'll surely hear about, if not meet, Queen Ayrenn's cousin who is the current Proxy Queen of the location. Proxy Setup [Purchase --> Client Configuration] Sign in to the ShoutBox for assistance with setting up a private socks proxy with saying login failed This page contains instructions on how to remove "The proxy server isn't responding" virus from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Do you need to use a VPN with Discord but are having errors? Anonymous Proxy : Login via your site account. Dummy, PBot Phishing, PROPagate, RANCOR, PHP & Software Architecture Projects for $30 - $250. The authority on tech. Bots : 5 to 15 Proxyless : Yes (should work even better with proxies) Email/User : Emailass Capture : No capture Please register or login in order to unlock hidden content. Unblock any blocked website or content and stay secure and private with Hotspot Shield VPN. VALOFE Combat Arms Discord. 117. I would like a script created in Python for Discord, [login to view URL] python shell script proxy, No proxy tokens, no third parties, no escrow service required. 214:80. The Tweaker adds several options to the game, such as the option to automatically download and install the English patch and any updates to it, configure your game settings, update your game quickly, and much more! Discord Clubs Chatbox More . discord login proxy